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Can you offer a box for gluten-free clients?

I can do my best to make sure the box is done separately and that all products used say gluten free.

Do you have a vegan menu?

Absolutely but if you would like specialty products it needs to be ordered in advance as I do not keep a stock of vegan meats and cheeses.

Peanut free?

With any allergy I cannot 100 percent guarantee that any products didn't come into contact. I can be peanut aware and do my best.

If I leave my box out of the fridge what should I do?

Please do not consume any prepared products that have been out of the fridge longer then two hours.

I accept no liability if you consume products that may be tainted from improper  refrigeration.

Refund policy

50% Non refundable Retainer on any order.  100% on specialty plates and boxes. 

Tables are due in full at time of order and 100% NON REFUNDABLE.

You have 7 days to ask for a refund on all other orders.

Less then 7 days is 100% NON Refundable.

Chargebacks will be blacklisted and reported.

Orders will all have taxes and fees deducted from refunds.

No order is guaranteed for allergies, Customer is responsible for all injuries from misuse or care of every box and board.

Two hour maximum time allowed outside of fridge if customer does not heed warning and gets sick due to this it is found the customer is 100% liable.


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